After recovering from this past semester, I am looking forward to the challenge of the upcoming semester and summer. Although at times the course load was a little overwhelming I am proud to say that I began my Building Construction minor successfully, and ended the semester with an A in Studio. Also, I was honored to receive an honorable mention in this year's third-year competition. Finally, I was happy to serve as the vice president for my fraternity. 

Over this Christmas break, I have been given a part-time position with VPL Architects, a local architecture firm in Lancaster (many thanks to Steve Luchtenberg for taking a chance on me!). This upcoming summer I will be returning to the National Student Leadership Conference as the Program Director for the architecture program in Chicago. I started my adventure with NSLC the year the architecture program was founded and I am excited to see it grow! (Another big thanks to Jason Aagenas for this one!). Finally, next spring I will be spending the semester participating in the Chicago Studio and working with a firm in the city. 

I am so excited to take on new challenges in the new year and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that I have been awarded and for the support of my family and friends. 

Halfway there!

— Amanda